Thursday, 17 May 2012

they think its all over...

So, i had my final assessment for year 2 today. It has been an incredibly stressful few weeks finishing everything up but I do finally feel as if I am heading in the right direction going into year 3. 
We have to clear are desks before monday to make space for our end of year show and I have started to feel all sad and nostalgic again, next year it all gets serious, and I have had such good times this year with everyone I just hope it carries on :)
Pub golf with everyone tomorrow-bring on the kryptonite, we definitely deserve it!

my desk, nice caricature of me by Josh!

my happy chair! stealing him back next year for sure!

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  1. I love your happy chair! I am just about to finish my final year studying Fine Art and preparing for degree show is currently hectic!

    Karys x


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