Wednesday, 19 December 2012

The sketchbook project

My plans for the Christmas holidays so far include going to the Lake District for a week, and then Newcastle for New Years which I am really excited about! I also have a lot of drawing to do...

I signed up to do the sketchbook project about 6 weeks ago but have been so busy with Uni work I saved starting it until today. I have decided to base it around strange dreams, mine and other people's. the images are definitely going to be strange but I quite like it :)

Drawing in a sketchbook you know will be seen by lots of people is pretty damned nerve wracking though.. I usually just draw and draw and don't worry about it but these I feel I should plan out in case I massively balls something up...

After watching the snow queen (which had a giant polar bear in it) I had a dream that a polar bear chased me around my house and then at the shoelaces of my favourite trainers.

Lynettes dream-running really fast like a dog and then flying into the air.



Am excited to carry this on :) comment if you have any weird dreams I can draw!


Monday, 17 December 2012

Handmade Arcade

Last weekend I got up super early along with Holly Liminton to go to Exeter and sell our wares at the Handmade Arcade Craft fair organised by No Guts No Glory

The idea behind this fair is for illustrators and artists to have a place to sell their handmade items. The No Guts No Glory shop sells all sorts of Illustrated things from mini-zines to sweatshirts and badges so we thought it would be a good fair for us to go to!

We took work by a few people on my course which meant we had a wide variety on sale. We carried it all in a borrowed suitcase (thanks Katie) which we also used as a display case, it looked pretty decent in the end :)

It was a very, very chilly day, we did a lot of foot stamping and taking it in turns to get up and walk around. Ben and Abby came down halfway through the day to help with the selling and let us takes breaks to go out in the sunshine and warm up!

The NGNG team kept us happy with vegan chocolate cupcakes and hot cider which was amazing. All in all it was a fun day and we will hopefully be back next year with more to sell (and hopefully it will be a little bit warmer)

Saturday, 15 December 2012

The Snowman workshop

So today I was helping with a workshop at Plymouth university alongside a screening of "The Snowman" with Jo Larsen Burnett and   Katie Keith

The theme was obviously quite christmassy-we made a large snow scene for the kids to add their own objects and decorations to. 

We got them to make trees, snowmen and reindeer to go on the background. They could also make shadow puppets and draw images onto acetate to project onto the scene and move around. 

I loved how pretty all the shadows were, we all had a play around as well creating shadow monsters eating the reindeers (well that was just me) 

I also had a nosy at the Peninsula arts exhibit, which has a giant wall for people to draw on :) the kids put up a christmas message!

We pinned up all the things the kids have made to stay there over christmas. Was really fun in the end, I think I am secretly a child at heart I want to make more shadow puppets!

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Silly 3rd year...


Making flat plans in my dressing gown because I have clocked way too many hours in the studio the past week!

After Sunday I am going to:


Get drunk

Eat cake

Sleep more

Get drunk again

Tidy my room

Eat more cake

And also do a little bit of work experience for Plymouth art fair before going home for Christmas!