Wednesday, 19 December 2012

The sketchbook project

My plans for the Christmas holidays so far include going to the Lake District for a week, and then Newcastle for New Years which I am really excited about! I also have a lot of drawing to do...

I signed up to do the sketchbook project about 6 weeks ago but have been so busy with Uni work I saved starting it until today. I have decided to base it around strange dreams, mine and other people's. the images are definitely going to be strange but I quite like it :)

Drawing in a sketchbook you know will be seen by lots of people is pretty damned nerve wracking though.. I usually just draw and draw and don't worry about it but these I feel I should plan out in case I massively balls something up...

After watching the snow queen (which had a giant polar bear in it) I had a dream that a polar bear chased me around my house and then at the shoelaces of my favourite trainers.

Lynettes dream-running really fast like a dog and then flying into the air.



Am excited to carry this on :) comment if you have any weird dreams I can draw!


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