Saturday, 15 December 2012

The Snowman workshop

So today I was helping with a workshop at Plymouth university alongside a screening of "The Snowman" with Jo Larsen Burnett and   Katie Keith

The theme was obviously quite christmassy-we made a large snow scene for the kids to add their own objects and decorations to. 

We got them to make trees, snowmen and reindeer to go on the background. They could also make shadow puppets and draw images onto acetate to project onto the scene and move around. 

I loved how pretty all the shadows were, we all had a play around as well creating shadow monsters eating the reindeers (well that was just me) 

I also had a nosy at the Peninsula arts exhibit, which has a giant wall for people to draw on :) the kids put up a christmas message!

We pinned up all the things the kids have made to stay there over christmas. Was really fun in the end, I think I am secretly a child at heart I want to make more shadow puppets!

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