Friday, 11 January 2013

The Sketchbook project

I feel like I haven't posted enough here recently. This is mainly due to it being christmas and me having no access to a scanner or much internet!

I generally put pictures of drawings I like on instagram as soon as I take them, give me a follow over there if you are interested @josiethejump

Over christmas I decided to do the Sketchbook Project as something to do aside from my uni work for a bit of fun. I chose to draw peoples dreams because the things people come up with are so much more strange and random than what I could come up with just making things up!

I ended up using a different style to what I have been recently. I kept with using black line and the odd bit of brush pen with quink in, but I used a graphite pencil in different ways to add shading and add a bit more dimension to the pictures compared with the way I usually just use flat shapes. 

Here is a few to start off, let me know what you think, I love reading peoples comments! 

I had a dream a polar bear chased me through my house and when I came downstairs he was eating the laces from my favourite shoes.

I had a dream I was pregnant with my friends baby.

I had a dream I dropped my new phone off a bridge into a river.

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