Saturday, 2 February 2013

Annarack Artist Feature

Hey, so this is going to be my second artist feature. This weeks shows the work of illustrator, textile and jewellery designer Annarack. She designs some beautifully patterned jewellery which you can buy here.

1-tell me a bit about your practise, what you make and how you go about making it?

Hello I'm Anna aka Annarack, an illustrator, textile and jewellery maker from Newcastle upon Tyne. I have quite an eccentric style as I love to use pattern and lots of colour throughout my drawings. My work starts from creating lots of little doodles and in the case of my jewellery I make lots of prototypes to try out different sizes, shapes and colour ways. If I'm confident enough sometimes I go straight into making final pieces.

2-what do you do to get inspired?

I get inspired by so much, mainly from very simple things I see around me. Going for days out and simply having a nice walk to refresh my mind gets me buzzing with ideas. I am also very influenced by many illustrators and try to keep within the trends. 

3-where do you work best and why that place?

I work in my bedroom. Its so cosy and there's everything to hand so it makes sense to work in it. There is so much in my room that it inspires me everyday. Anyone who has seen my room says it is amazing and like some sort of antique and curiosity shop. I have pile upon pile of antiquarian books and old maps, in fact every where you look in my room there is a map to be seen. I also collect compasses so I can find my way around my room.

4-what media do you prefer and why?

My illustrations are all entirely hand drawn, then scanned and enhanced in photoshop. I wish I knew how to use photoshop and illustrator properly so I could digitally colour my drawings. Computers frustrate me so I think I will stick to drawing everything by hand for the time being.

5-if you could choose one thing to draw for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Ooooooh now that is a hard one to think be honest I don't think I could possibly answer that question I like far too many things haha.

6-any advice to other aspiring artists?

Be positive and love what you do, cause if you don't no-one else will.


  1. That feather necklace is adorable.

  2. Thank you so much again for the wonderful feature. I really enjoy'd the interview.

  3. no worries :) glad you enjoyed it! josie x


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