Sunday, 10 February 2013

Give Up Your Day Job

Last thursday I took part in "Palentines Day" an event organised by the Give Up Your Day Job team who host alternative craft fairs in Jack Chams bar in Plymouth. 

We were given the stage area to sell our wares, I went along with fellow students Sophia VineyJess Stewart CrokerBeth Bains and  Abby Regler. Do check out their blogs for lovely illustrations! 
As we had the stage, we got to look over everyone, and we also had an area behind our stall with sofas which was pretty awesome :)

There were a lot of alternative valentines cards, zines, mix tapes to be swapped, free stickers and lots of cake!

I also met Dulcie Houghton who makes these beautiful steampunk plugs along with cards and jewellery. I was admiring these a lot even though I dont have particularly want to stretch my ears they are super beautiful :)

Lize Meddings one of the organisers designed the poster and was also there selling risograph prints, comics and giving out free Palentines Day mix cds! 

I always find it really hard not to buy things at these events-everyone has such amazing things that you know you won't find anywhere else its easy to buy lots... In the end I bought a vintage bag and melted vinyl record bowl from Parisian Sweets Vintage, a zine and poster from Lize and one of Abby's amazing icecream cone cakes! Hoping they do one again soon :)

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