Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Tigerprint Competition

I spent the last few weeks working on a collection of surface pattern for Tigerprints "Colour" competition. I had to predict colour trends for Spring/Summer 2014 and create our own patterns that could be applied to a wide range of surfaces!

I was inspired by space and galaxy prints based on the fact that Fayes comet will be passing by in May next year. I really enjoyed making a mood board to submit and playing around with colour palettes.

Here are my 4 final pattern designs:

Pretty pleased with them since this is the first time I have done a project like this, my brain started to melt a little last week after spending 3 full days staring at a screen full of pattern on Photoshop!

I also mocked up a few things to show how they would look on different surfaces :)

Please let me know your opinions on these, am trying to get as much feedback as possible to improve what I am doing in my final major project :)

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