Wednesday, 24 April 2013

CEE Optometry Opening

So, after 2 months of meetings, presentations, discussions and a whole lot of drawing and Photoshop, the opticians artwork I have been doing is finally on the wall!

Phil Shelly and I have had so much fun (and stress) from doing this project but it has been totally worth it and the clients seem very happy with us, hope I get to do another project like this in the future. 

Phil's vinyl's on the windows:

Here are some pictures of my room with the finished vinyls, have taken some close ups of some of my favourite bits. I started with a circus theme which ended up being a circus scene on the Hoe with a whole load of different characters and animals hanging about.

And here is Phils wall which shows famous spectacle wearers through time, see how many you can guess!

Now this is over I get to turn all my circus characters into patterns and optometry merchandise-watch this space!

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Tigerprint female pattern

So last night I submitted designs to Tigerprint's monthly design competition. This months theme is "female surface pattern", the brief being fairly open, asking designers to re-invent female pattern, thinking outside the box and using designs which steer away from the obvious flower designs you see everywhere.

I have been using the Ipad app "IOrnament" a lot recently to draw my own digital designs. It takes a lot of the work out of figuring out repeats and the more I use it, the more I see how much you can do with it. Once you have drawn your pattern, you can see what that drawing looks like in different repeat styles, and you can then Email the tile to yourself to use in Photoshop as a pattern.

For this competition I opened the tiles I wanted in Photoshop and tweaked the colours, saturation etc. before submitting them to the competition!

I have also put some of the designs on Society6 if you fancy a cushion or phone cover, check them out in my shop here

Monday, 8 April 2013

Trapezes and monkeys

So, as a few people know, or if you read this post you will know I have been working on a large scale mural for the walls of Plymouths new optometry centre. I am doing 3 walls for the paediatric room which will be digitally put together and then printed onto vinyl! 

When I agreed to do this project I didn't really realise what I let myself in for, it has been a massive learning curve and after  2 months working on it I am nearing the stage where it is ready to be printed-which frankly scares me crapless! Mainly because my drawings being stretched to 3ft tall and however wide is crazy and I just hope to god it looks as good as I want it to be-hard to imagine when editing images on a 13" macbook screen... 

Anyway, I don't want to post too much imagery yet because I want it to be seen all put together, but here are some people doing flying trapeze I did a few weeks ago for you to get the idea-

And this guy chilling in the splits!

The theme ended up being circus-working at camp in the summer I wanted to join in circus so badly. I have massively enjoyed coming up with characters and playing around with drawing different animals! The opening is on the 23rd April I believe so some pictures should be up then-excited!