Monday, 8 April 2013

Trapezes and monkeys

So, as a few people know, or if you read this post you will know I have been working on a large scale mural for the walls of Plymouths new optometry centre. I am doing 3 walls for the paediatric room which will be digitally put together and then printed onto vinyl! 

When I agreed to do this project I didn't really realise what I let myself in for, it has been a massive learning curve and after  2 months working on it I am nearing the stage where it is ready to be printed-which frankly scares me crapless! Mainly because my drawings being stretched to 3ft tall and however wide is crazy and I just hope to god it looks as good as I want it to be-hard to imagine when editing images on a 13" macbook screen... 

Anyway, I don't want to post too much imagery yet because I want it to be seen all put together, but here are some people doing flying trapeze I did a few weeks ago for you to get the idea-

And this guy chilling in the splits!

The theme ended up being circus-working at camp in the summer I wanted to join in circus so badly. I have massively enjoyed coming up with characters and playing around with drawing different animals! The opening is on the 23rd April I believe so some pictures should be up then-excited!


  1. Oh i love the trapeze illustration! I think you've captured the movement brilliantly x x x

    1. thanks very much :) I look forward to releasing the final artwork! x


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