Thursday, 23 May 2013

So much sewing!

This week has involved a lot of making things for my end of year show including cushions to be displayed and purses, pencil cases and notebooks to be sold!

My sewing machines has taken a battering this week and the light is now broken, I also may have nearly sewn through my finger - the needle went all the way into my fingertip but luckily the thread didn't catch ;).

Have put prices by things, please comment if you see anything you want!

Cushion covers printed and ready to be sewn!

First cushion cover finished :)

All 4 covers together - now I just need the cushion pads to arrive! Price to be confirmed, these will be on display at my degree show. 

Hand bound A6 notebooks with sewn spine. £2.50 each

Hand sewn coin purses £6 each

Hand sewn pencil cases £6 each

(the last two images I seem to have forgotten to make sure my camera was focused... deadline stress means rubbish photos sorry!) 

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Stickers and badges and other fun things

Had our portfolio and promotional materials hand in today which was pretty exciting. After this all I have to focus on is making and printing things for the show - still terrifying but every deadline is a massive load of work we can stop worrying about!

So far this week has consisted of many things:

-Spending about 5 days tweaking business card designs before scrapping most of the edits I had done and just using artwork I already had..

-Sooo much cutting out of sticker pages

-Having a mini breakdown in relation to Tshirt transfer paper which just didn't want to stick on

-Breaking the light on my sewing machine sewing through paper...

-Having awkward conversations with the printers about how the postcards we got printed look horribly dull

-Lots of terribly unhealthy food including free cake

-Printing, and reprinting, and tweaking, and more printing and more photoshop 

-More money spent on ink, paper and printing than I spent on food the past 6 weeks

Despite all this, I now have a large amount of lovely colourful things, lots of stickers, postcards, and final business cards on their way! Though the next couple of weeks will be just as crazy, it is quite exciting to know that we have conquered another milestone in the workload that is third year! The Pimms is finally in sight and I truly cannot wait :)

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

10,000 views Blog Giveaway!!

Ok so it has taken me 2 years but I have finally crossed the 10,000 blog views milestone on here and I wanted to celebrate by doing a little giveaway!

Prizes are as follows:

A copy of my 24 hour comic book

An A4 giclee print of anything from my portfolio here

A piece of jewellery or phone charm of your choice from my etsy store!

All you have to do is leave a comment telling me what you would choose if you win, along with your email address. Use the rafflecopter below to gain extra entries :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thursday, 2 May 2013

I love UV ink!

Went to do some more printing yesterday using less layers and more colours, I got out the UV pink ink and went a little crazy with it! Pictures do not justify the brightness of the pink ;)

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Contortionist Screenprint

Since most of my big deadlines are now gone we have a few weeks to finish off our final major project artwork and get ready for our show (scary times).
This means I finally have a chance to get into the screen printing room to make some prints before we leave and it all becomes incredibly expensive...
I had this character from the opticians project and have been wanting to turn her into a pattern for ages I just haven't had the time. I made this pattern digitally and then decided I wanted to turn it into a print:

Here are some photos of the process and some of the final prints - one ended up completely off which gave an interesting effect, the others were varying levels of offset which I quite like as every print looks completely different :)

Love the metallic ink!

What do you think? does anyone prefer the last one which is completely offset?