Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Contortionist Screenprint

Since most of my big deadlines are now gone we have a few weeks to finish off our final major project artwork and get ready for our show (scary times).
This means I finally have a chance to get into the screen printing room to make some prints before we leave and it all becomes incredibly expensive...
I had this character from the opticians project and have been wanting to turn her into a pattern for ages I just haven't had the time. I made this pattern digitally and then decided I wanted to turn it into a print:

Here are some photos of the process and some of the final prints - one ended up completely off which gave an interesting effect, the others were varying levels of offset which I quite like as every print looks completely different :)

Love the metallic ink!

What do you think? does anyone prefer the last one which is completely offset? 

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