Thursday, 23 May 2013

So much sewing!

This week has involved a lot of making things for my end of year show including cushions to be displayed and purses, pencil cases and notebooks to be sold!

My sewing machines has taken a battering this week and the light is now broken, I also may have nearly sewn through my finger - the needle went all the way into my fingertip but luckily the thread didn't catch ;).

Have put prices by things, please comment if you see anything you want!

Cushion covers printed and ready to be sewn!

First cushion cover finished :)

All 4 covers together - now I just need the cushion pads to arrive! Price to be confirmed, these will be on display at my degree show. 

Hand bound A6 notebooks with sewn spine. £2.50 each

Hand sewn coin purses £6 each

Hand sewn pencil cases £6 each

(the last two images I seem to have forgotten to make sure my camera was focused... deadline stress means rubbish photos sorry!) 

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