Tuesday, 25 June 2013

The All Purpose Magical Tent

As part of one of our university modules this years we had to take part in competitions and other projects outside of uni. One of the projects a few of us decided to do was a "Twitter Narrative" project called "The All Purpose Magical Tent", the brainchild of poet Lytton Smith. 

The project runs across five twitter accounts, each account representing one character including The Ringmaster, The Bearded Lady, The Lion Tamer, The Tightrope Walker and The Carousel Attendant. We were put into teams and assigned different characters to illustrate tweets for. The tweets are lines of poetry which occasionally link between the different characters and are being slowly released over the course of two weeks. 

To check out the project in its entirety click here to go to the main website, this also has links to the individual accounts so you can follow them on twitter!

I was part of the Bearded Lady team along with Paolo Fiore and Sophia Viney. Here are a few of my images:

"It is always at the outset a displacement—[the monster] is fragment, obscured glance"

"The hybrid wildlife of irises visible in the foliage. Language, we are moving on again."

"what our solitude requires, that it removes the body. Do you dare imagine the anchoress laying a hand on her own ... "

"Am suspicion, boneshard, one town over, footprint or silhouette at the Gates of Difference, wait for their unlocking"

The style was pretty dark for this but I quite enjoyed it after doing lots of brightly coloured things for a while!

These are some of the other people images by people involved in the project:

(plym students reading this - as people have worked in different styles there are a few images I wasn't sure of the artist so please link me one of yours and I will add it in!)

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