Sunday, 18 August 2013

Bucket List - The art of getting started

I recently started following a blog by Lee Crutchley of Quoteskine which is entitled "The Art Of Getting Started". This blog sets ongoing assignments to get people to go out and do things, to think about things in a different way. The first 3 are as follows:

#001 - Write your bucket list 
#002 - Go for a walk and document it in some way
#003 - Take a "selfie" that doesn't show your face

You can then submit what you did/made to the blog, anonymously or otherwise. This is a great thing to do if you are stuck in a bit of a rut and need some motivation. I used it as an excuse to make myself use illustrator a little more, using it to colour the text on my bucket list :

I should probably stick this on a wall or something so I don't get lost and forget to keep working! The second I took a series of photographs of a bike ride I went on (same idea as a walk...) 

And for the "selfie" I took a picture of my current desk setup, as right now art seems to be all I am doing!

Monday, 12 August 2013

Timelapse flowers and patterns

Today I started working on a design for this months Tigerprint competition to create a purely black and white pattern design. This was a bit of a challenge for someone who likes using colour so much and I had some fun with it.

As a bit of an experiment I started using a time lapse app that I downloaded to record my process and see how it came out. I recorded myself doing some of the drawing and then the digital editing on Photoshop. I found out it is really hard to get a straight on angle of a computer whilst also being able to use the keyboard (hence the sideways view). Let me know if you like this video I want to do a few more, though it does make me feel a bit more self conscious and slightly distracted whilst drawing...

And here is the pattern I came up with :

Edited the black and white design a bit further than in the video (its harder to focus when theres an ipad practically leaning on your shoulder...) 

I also got excited and wanted to use some colour (I don't think i am a monochrome artist!) so I came up with this mini range from the drawings I had. 

Oh and I got excited and put them on some things:

Buy these over at Society6

By the way this is all I am doing now I have graduated so if you have any commissions or projects you may need me for drop me an email at and say hi :)

Saturday, 10 August 2013

New work - Type experiments

Whilst I am at home and still job searching I have been trying to work on my portfolio, specifically working on my hand rendered type. 

After speaking to an agent at the end of third year I was told if I was going to use it I should really push it. She also told me to try a less digital approach so my work still looked slightly hand made which is why a lot of my recent work uses more pencil and crayon line. I remember being pretty annoyed when she first said that but i think it has added more depth to my work having more textured lines and backgrounds.

These two I made for the Tigerprint "gifted" competition but the balloon one ended up being quite dark and the photographic one didn't show my illustration skills as much as I would have liked so I submitted different images (which I still have to keep secret and it's driving me crazy - want them to publish the results!)

These two I made yesterday after seeing a project to describe yourself in your favourite type I got inspired and I am hoping to do a few more fun experiments over the next weel or so. 

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Fieldview Festival Build Week

I moved back from my Plymouth house last monday (sad times) and have spent the past week avoiding unpacking and rocking around fields in Little Somerford helping build the last ever Fieldview Festival.

After this incredible week working on the festival site and then attending it I have to say I am extremely sad it is the last one as it has been so much fun; great music, great atmosphere and wonderful people :)

I was working in the creative team run by Lewis from Tea In Dreamland, my friends Alice and Zoe were also helping out so we ended up working together on lots of bits and pieces:

Tax evasion sign (not the Fieldview sponsors...)

Painting walls and letters.

Helping paint the back of the main stage.

Hanging very long pieces of material in very windy weather (I swear the gold material drove us slightly mad)

Along with draping never ending bunting through the woods and all around various tents!

Here is some of the amazing signage and painting by the rest of the team:

Some seriously good stuff! Everything was ready on time and the sun was shining for the gates to open :). Heres some photos of the festival in full swing:

Until next time ;)