Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Fieldview Festival Build Week

I moved back from my Plymouth house last monday (sad times) and have spent the past week avoiding unpacking and rocking around fields in Little Somerford helping build the last ever Fieldview Festival.

After this incredible week working on the festival site and then attending it I have to say I am extremely sad it is the last one as it has been so much fun; great music, great atmosphere and wonderful people :)

I was working in the creative team run by Lewis from Tea In Dreamland, my friends Alice and Zoe were also helping out so we ended up working together on lots of bits and pieces:

Tax evasion sign (not the Fieldview sponsors...)

Painting walls and letters.

Helping paint the back of the main stage.

Hanging very long pieces of material in very windy weather (I swear the gold material drove us slightly mad)

Along with draping never ending bunting through the woods and all around various tents!

Here is some of the amazing signage and painting by the rest of the team:

Some seriously good stuff! Everything was ready on time and the sun was shining for the gates to open :). Heres some photos of the festival in full swing:

Until next time ;)

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