Saturday, 30 May 2015

Woman Magazine Circa 1954

My last post featured some very wonderful old typography books from the days when letterpress was the norm. This blog features some more very retro imagery and type from an amazing magazine found in my grans flat. The "Worlds Greatest Weekly For Women" dated March 20th 1954 has survived over 60 years and has some truly retro, beautiful imagery which I thought I should share!

First we start with the slightly sexist, housewife orientated imagery, which truly shows the era and how much things have changed.

God I love the fashion in these, sometimes I wish my work uniform could be replaced with circle skirts and blouses!

Moving on to slightly creepy children and babies.

And a clown...

These are some of my favourite bits of type from the magazine:

So much retro goodness! Let me know which of these are your favourites :) 

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