Monday, 15 February 2016

Day 2 - Searching for lines

     Ok so the last blog post I wrote was day 1 of a composition photography challenge searching out interesting light. This day's challenge we were meant to keep searching for light, but look for interesting compositional lines as well!

     It was a horribly rainy saturday, me and the boyf decided to go to theWildlife Photographer of the year exhibition at M Shed in Bristol. It is definitely worth a visit, some truly incredible photos, though I suggest avoiding weekends when it is raining as it was full of noisy kids and we queued to get in...

     I took a grand total of around 12 photos because I hate rain, and there really wasn't much interesting light to be found on such a grey day. Bristol is famous for having rows of colourful houses in some areas and I loved the look of these pastel coloured ones by the waterway. 

There was a dreary blue colour cast which I fixed, I also brightened up the sky and saturation a little to try and bring this image out of the grey. 

This second image is a few more houses, I really liked the line of aerials against the sky like little wire flags!

     My final images were of some very rustic looking cranes by the waterside. I wanted these to be quite monochrome against the stark sky so I pushed down the saturation and exaggerated the lights and darks to make the images more contrasty. 

     In all I could have spent more time taking photos this day, I like these few but I would like to have spent more time if it hadn't been raining so horribly!

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