Friday, 26 February 2016

Day Three - Framing

     Day three of the 5 day photo challenge was all about framing. So far this challenge has been spread across a couple of weeks rather than days but I blame that on the horrible rain scaring me away from going outside!
     This challenge was about looking for an interesting way of framing the subject using different objects. I went to Oxford for a day out with my oldest friend Missi who I hadn't seen in ages. It was a gloriously sunny day and we had a nice wander around the city. I wanted to go to the botanical gardens at Oxford University as I had read up on them having lots of greenhouses full of different types of plants and I thought I could get some good pictures.
     I managed to take some cheeky portraits using all of the leaves and plants in the greenhouses as a natural frame! I quite liked how these images turned out, the soft focus of the leaves drew you into the subject nicely.

Another of my favourites was the image below where I used a decorative gate to frame her, I liked the shadows and the fact that the light from behind highlights the subject of the photo. 

I also managed to take some quite nice close up pictures of flowers, I was using my 35mm prime lens which has a super wide aperture of 1.8, great for getting shallow depth of field and lovely blurry backgrounds.

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