Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Macro/Close up featuring Moomins!

      Everyone loves Moomins right? Ok so I started a course in Macro/Closeup photography last week. This one was quite interesting as I tend to move towards this type of photography anyway. I have a bit of an obsessions with narrow depth of field and blurry backgrounds and photographing close up gives you lots of opportunity to get these effects. 
      My first challenge was to go around my kitchen and take images of what I could find. I bailed on this one and went with the living room instead as it happened to be where my desk is! Funny thing is that my living room features lots of Moomin things which made for good subjects:

      Like this wonderful tealight holder which my parents bought for me in Norway. The characters are ever so cute close up. 

       This little Moomin Papa model was 3D printed for me by my dad hence him having no face. I liked the super blurry background with the carpet here I think it looks quite interesting. Love his little feet!

      A couple more nice little objects above. After this I went into full blown macro photography. Since I do not yet have a Macro Lense or any extension tubes I was using reverse-lense technique for these. I found this much harder than on my previous camera where you could manually change the aperture on my old Oympus OM lenses. The images below are fairly abstract consisting of metallic sellotape, a candle wick, candle holder and the inside of a bag.