Thursday, 13 October 2016

Arnos Vale on Film

      A couple of weeks ago I had a day off with not a lot to do so I decided to take a couple of film cameras over to Arnos Vale Cemetery in Bristol to take some photos. This cemetery has a lot of historical graves, as well as more recent ones. It is a very interesting place to walk around and is free to enter, though it is a charity so it is good to make a donation if you can.

      All of these photos were taken on a Minolta X-300 with a 50mm f1.8 lens. I like using this camera as it is very easy to use, it auto exposes based on your Aperture setting you just have to check the light meter which flashes if you are letting too much light in for the cameras capabilities. 

      It was a nice sunny day which is good for when you walk up the hill into the woods and get all the sunlight through the leaves.

      When you get nearer the top of the hill there is an interesting sculpture, and even further up there is a building with some of Bristol's famed street art which has creeped into the boundaries of the cemetery! 

      I would definitely go for a wander round here again, they also run a lot of different events including the outdoor cinema which I hope to go to for halloween! Click here to see what is on right now :)