Sunday, 1 January 2017

The Ever Changing Malvern Hills

      So here is a short little blog post to bring in the new year! I spent my christmas with family and old friends up in their lovely house looking over the Malvern hills. I took a lot of really lovely photos but their view was one of my favourite things to look at. The light was constantly changing, on the final day before we left there was so much mist you couldn't even see the hills!

      It was nice to be able to photograph the same view in many different ways. It was a nice little challenge dealing with the different light. I am starting the new year excited and nervous for change. This year has made me learn that I have great friends and family, it has been a long year with a lot of change and we are all just trundling along on the same confusing journey. 
      I wonder if anyone remembers this Honda ad, very silly but it has become a little motto for me recently so I hope you can all watch this and hum it to yourself if you ever need a little motivation! Happy New Year to all!

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